Sunday, June 3, 2007

My Second Year sketchbook

I have just finished my second year here at CalARTs. Ian Worrel, an upper classman, told me the importance of having a sketchbook and to constantly sketch wherever I go. Cornelius Cole, my animation mentor, taught me that all my education is through self-learning and self-searching. I have to go out there and learn the things I want to learn on my own, like a constantly hungry animal. I may not have done as much sketching or writing in my sketchbook, but it is an improvement over last year. I'm aiming for steady improvement.

I remember eariler in the school year I use to draw from films almost every night, it's a very good habit to have. Whenever I had the chance I would also do little color thumbnails. For some reason, color appeals to me. Eventually the need to animate my film was greater than the need to paint and draw little thumbnaiils. Making a blog is a good reminder for me, because now I want to paint more. Hopefully next Saturday after figure drawing, I can go landscape painting or just create a new world with my brush; it will help me destress and enjoy the evening.

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Heidi Smith said...

Your design work and sketches are very original, I like the roughness of the sketches, great work!!