Friday, June 8, 2007

First round of sketches from Big Bear and Art Center

I've spent almost everyday at Art Center, figure drawing. Some days I miss out because I am sick, or important another event takes place the same day. When I looked through my batch of drawings I noticed the drawings have intelligence. I remember the first days at Art Center I was uber excited and paid attention to every detail that I could find on a person. Recently, not so much. I think because I have been spending time looking at the anatomy of the person and attempting to understand.

I like this as a fresh start.

For the next batch: Simplification and just nailing the whole figure down. I need to keep things simple. This is my goal.
I will keep doing technical drawings for the majority of the time, I like technical things, as well as motion.

Tomorrow is my sister's, April's, Graduation. Kudos to her for surviving high school. I'm proud of my sister :D Crazy ass cheerleader.

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