Monday, October 10, 2011

The Applejacks! -Story Homework-

Needed to make original characters for our story class, we'll be working with them as we move through the class :) Here's their info:

These characters are all established musicians each with their own crazy eccentricity. They are collectively called "The Applejacks" in reference to a favorite cereal of the past. The guy on the far left is almost completely robotic with a human soul, and can rebuild himself whenever he breaks down from rocking too hard. The girl is a social butterfly and has a lot of musical talent. The next middle guy is the leader and dabbles into Japanese Rock cosplays. He's the guitarist. The guy on the right is the strong and silent type. He's the drummer of the group and always has a sporty take to playing.

They entertain their community every weekend at the RV park.

The styling is taken from graphic novels and manga.

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